W.E.B. Du Bois Regional Middle School

Week at a Glance, News and Notes

Jan. 10-14, 2022


Note from the Principal:

Happy new year!  This was an action packed week at the middle school.  Kids came back from school with a lot of energy, and the teachers took advantage of their verve.  And we got snow at the end of the week.  Fifth grade recess was a blast today!!!

The down side of returning is that we have a spike in Covid in our area and around the world.  I am very appreciative of our health protocols, as we have not had the virus transmit in our school ever.  That is because of the vigilance and care of our educators and staff, your coaching your kids on how to remain safe, and the cooperation of the students.  It is no fun to have to go to school in the midst of a pandemic, but they are doing the best they can.  

One way you can help is for your child to participate in our Pool Testing program.  We strongly encourage your student’s participation, and any student can participate in the pool testing regardless of vaccination status.  We have almost two thirds of our students enrolled in the program.  The closer we get to universal screening the safer we can keep the community here at the middle school, and stop the spread of the virus. Please use this LINK for more details and to complete the electronic consent form.  Each student in your household will require an individual consent.  The link defaults to Muddy Brook.  Select the drop down for your child’s school — Muddy Brook, Du Bois, or Monument Mountain.  The video is available in multiple languages–click the link on the top right to choose the language you want.

See below for reminders on traffic flow for pick up and drop off.  It is very important if you use a personal vehicle to transport your child.  Please read the guidelines as there are several things you need to do to keep the flow safe and efficient.  We have seen an uptick this week in personal vehicle activity, and I re-posted the guidelines below.  

We had a great time at our Student Led Conference before break.  We are eager to get your feedback from the conference experience.  Please fill out this short survey to tell us how it went for you with your child: We have received many responses but want to get feedback from everyone, so please take a few minutes to complete it.

Please drop me a note if you have other feedback or questions at ben.doren@bhrsd.org

Have a good weekend!

Ben Doren




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School Calendar 2021-2022





Dates – January 10 – March 10, 2022 – Please register by December 21, 2021

The Winter 2022 session of Project Connection is shaping up to be a LOT of fun for students, with several new and exciting programs for students in grades 5-8. Links to program packets in both English and Spanish, as well as our electronic enrollment forms are included below.  Please be sure to indicate 2nd and 3rd options for each day you would like your child to attend as all programs have limited capacity.  Please complete the form online or print out and return to the front office by TUESDAY, December 21st.


Contact – Brian Rembisz, Size Coordinator – brian.rembisz@bhrsd.org

Click Below For Program Information and Registration:




Fechas – 10 de enero – 10 de marzo de 2022 – Regístrese antes del 21 de diciembre de 2021

La sesión de invierno de 2022 de Project Connection se perfila como MUCHA diversión para los estudiantes, con varios programas nuevos y emocionantes para los estudiantes en los grados 5-8. Los enlaces a los paquetes del programa tanto en inglés como en español, así como nuestros formularios de inscripción electrónicos, se incluyen a continuación. Asegúrese de indicar la segunda y tercera opción para cada día al que le gustaría que su hijo asistiera, ya que todos los programas tienen una capacidad limitada. Complete el formulario en línea o imprímalo y devuélvalo a la oficina principal antes del MARTES 21 de diciembre.


Contact – Brian Rembisz, Size Coordinator – brian.rembisz@bhrsd.org

Click Below For Program Information and Registration:


Dropping Off and Picking Up: Help us keep the flow!

Drop off and pick up in personal vehicles is going well, and most days it flows quite well.  Some days it gets gummed.  Below are some simple guidelines that will help keep the flow.  Some are what we shared before and some are new from what we have learned these past weeks.

  • 7-8 grade students use the back parking lot loop.
  • 5-6 grade students use the front car loop.  
  • Families with 5-6 and 7-8 graders use the front loop for both for one stop.
  • Use the driveway to get to the back loop, front loop or on the line for the front loop, BEFORE 7:40 am and 2:40 pm.
  • AFTER 7:40 am and 2:40 pm you will get on line to get into the driveway to access the front or back loop.  Once the bell rings at those times we need to keep clear paths and a safe flow.
  • ALWAYS PULL UP AS FAR AS YOU CAN in the loop, even if it means the students have to walk a bit farther to get in your vehicle.  This REALLY helps the flow keep moving, and the people behind you really appreciate it!
  • Do not drive around the line to get into the loops. This is very dangerous. Stay in line.
  • Only make a RIGHT hand turn into the driveway.  In other words get on the line, even if it means driving down Monument Valley Road to turn around or using Lovers Lane to get to Route 7 to get on line.
  • Do NOT make a left hand turn to get into the driveway.  The left turn from Monument Valley Road slows the exit lane from the school, which backs up the whole system flow.  If there is a line waiting it also cuts off people who already have been waiting their turn to get in.  


Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found boxes are overflowing!  Please ask your child to stop by the main entrance to check for any lost items.  I also still have a phone that belongs to someone.  Students should stop by the office to identify phones or small items like jewelry or glasses.  After break we will be donating the items in the lost and found to community organizations, so please come by as soon as possible if you know your child is missing something they left at school.


Pre-order your yearbook today!






Safety and the Pandemic: How to navigate symptoms at home

We are serious about safety here at Du Bois, and appreciate all you do to coach the students on how to keep it safe while here at school and in the community.  So far we are in school and able to come every day.  Much of that depends on you abiding by our community safety norms–thank you for your help so far and in the future!  One way you can do that is to check in with the school nurse, Hilary Bashara, if you are not sure about symptoms and whether to keep your kid home.  She can advise on covid protocols, testing and other health questions.  When your kid is home sick, please make sure they rest, and we will catch them up on school work when they return: the best cure for being sick is rest, and not worrying about falling behind.  For unvaccinated students, if there is a concern about exposure to Covid and the student is symptomless, we are able to support learning during quarantine with materials as the school is directing the student to be home.  If a vaccinated student is a close contact they can continue to attend school, while connecting with pediatricians and our health office to ensure the safety of all.  If a student, regardless of vaccination status, is positive for Covid we are able to support learning remotely until quarantine is complete and they can safely return.


Long Term Absences

Long term absences are difficult to manage as our curriculum depends on students being present for instruction every day.  If you take a student on vacation or on an extended family visit it really interrupts the learning cycle, as we are set up for in-person, community based learning.  Please let us know if you are planning a longer absence, as there are Massachusetts rules about extended absences and attendance laws that we have to follow.  If a student is out of school for a non-medical reason we will support as best we can when they return.  We are not set up to provide learning materials for this, again, as we are an in-person learning community.  


Pool Testing

We strongly encourage your student’s participation, and anyone can participate in the pool testing regardless of vaccination status. Please use this LINK for more details and to complete the electronic consent form.  Each student in your household will require an individual consent.  The link defaults to Muddy Brook.  Select the drop down for your child’s school — Muddy Brook, Du Bois, or Monument Mountain.  The video is available in multiple languages–click the link on the top right to choose the language you want.



Flyers and School Letters

Flyers and School letters are available on our website at this link:  https://mvrms.bhrsd.org/category/families/flyers/


This week’s flyers:

  • No new flyers this week


Recent flyers:

  • Winter Project Connection Packet
  • Winter Project Connection Packet – en Espanol
  • Stateline Youth Wrestling
  • Du Bois Middle School 2022 Musical: THE WIZARD OF OZ! (English & Spanish versions)
  • Winter Farmer’s Market
  • Hancock Holiday Nights


Older flyers:

  • Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine Information Session 
  • Community Thanks Supper:  BSRCC
  • Participate in a Williams College Study on Children’s Thinking
  • Girls Basketball Free Clinic Grades 5 and 6
  • Fall Arts & Crafts Festival – BSRCC
  • Yearbook Club
  • Casting Untitled Annie Baker Film
  • Housatonic Youth Basketball Registration
  • 27th Annual Winter Outerwear Drive
  • Ski Butternut Student Application
  • FUNK BOX BREAKING:  Berkshire Pulse
  • Golden Knights House League Registration
  • American Red Cross Swim Lessons:  BSRCC
  • Oct. 2 ThinkFOOD Conference FREE for all students
  • Talking to Teens so that they Talk Back
  • Flying Cloud Institute:  SMArt Kit Flyer
  • Parent Child+: Equal Possibilities from the Start
  • Yearbook Cover Contest
  • Project Connection Fall Packet
  • Action Adventures Out of School @ BSRCC
  • Ballet Ages 5-8 @ BSRCC
  • Berkshire Hills Youth Soccer House League Registration
  • Ski Butternut Student & Family Season Pass Application