School Adjustment Counselor

The School Adjustment Counselor (SAC) is responsible for the social, emotional well-being for approximately 400 students grades five through eight. The SAC functions include developing counseling programs, individual and group counseling to meet the developmental preventative and remedial needs of students. The School Adjustment Counselor consults with students, parents, teachers and other school and community personnel to assist meeting the needs of the students. It is the SAC’s role is to coordinate all counseling services for students and assist with coordination and implementation of mental health services in school as well as the community. School Adjustment Counselor attends meetings such as IEP’s, student support team and grade team SST to help better aid our students. The SAC also attends educational conferences, and training workshops. The SAC confers with parents or guardians, teachers, administrators, and other professionals to discuss children’s progress, resolve behavioral academic and other problems for students and their resource needs.

Mr. Kevin Costello, Guidance Counselor

Mr. Dom Sacco, School Adjustment Counselor

Debra Spence, Guidance Secretary

Lynn Casella, Clinician