Administrators, Office Staff, School Nurse, Project Connection

Mr. Miles Wheat, Principal              Main Office ext. 2300

Ms. Ellen Rizzo, Assistant Principal      Main Office  ext. 2300

Ms. Julie Duffin, Principal’s Admin. Asst.  Main Office ext. 2300

Mr. Kevin Costello, Guidance Counselor    Main Office ext. 2307

Ms. Debra Spence, Guidance Admin. Asst.    Main Office ext. 2301

Mr. Dom Sacco, School Adjustment Counselor   Main Office ext. 2305

Ms. Hilary Bashara, School Nurse              Main Office ext. 2309

Mr. JP Okin, Director of Out of School Learning Time        Room 306 ext. 2306


Fax number: (413) 644-2394